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Lighting Ideas for Your Success!



Exceptional design starts by understanding your requirements. We ask questions so as to understand your image, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We will define the design problems and cultivate strategies to solve them effectively and memorably.

Smart way

A smart web design is about more than just looks. It must solve the complex business problems. A smart web design is responsive, relevant, functional and efficient. It will connect you, your company & your brand with customers to achieve a greater return on the website design investment.

Igniting Thoughts

Our objective based design is about knowing the most important goals for your website or application and applying continuous strategy, execution, measurement and iteration to reach them. We can work on one or many objectives based on your requirements.

Zaman's Design


We combine design, strategy and development in a methodological process to create unmatchable digital experiences. We focus on building elegant looking websites that your clients will find easy to navigate and consequentlyconnect you directly. Our speciality is creating static and dynamic websites for your personal, community service or for your business start-ups, small to medium sized companies. We would be delighted to work with you to create your online presence that will engage your clients. We love to help businesses make money from the web, no matter how big or small your business is. Let's face it - If you make money, then you'll recommend us to your friends.

We specialize in helping your small to medium business integrate eCommerce into your website so that you can immediately see a return on your investment.


Amazing design, optimization, marketing and analysis with surprisingly low price!!